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otiswaynehale from Armstrong, Illinois

I have had this pair of boots for about a year, and I hate them. The pair I received was a full size smaller than the size I ordered, `though they were marked as such. The only way I can wear them is with really thin socks, and for just a short time at that. So they are wearing very well sitting in my closet. The one time I had them in water (Barely over the soles), they leaked like screen wire.

Zeriab from Portland, OR

I decided to add a 2nd review to these shoes. After logging a couple hundred more miles on them they are shot... I would guess that they have about 600-700 trail miles on them total. They now leak badly and the seams are coming apart in a couple of spots. They are still very comfortable though and they don't have any odor. I am planning to buy another pair when they are on sale (or 20% off coupon). I do plan to try on some other brands when I go to pick them up (just to make sure that they are still the most comfortable).

Willy austin from Hooksett. NH

I use these boots everyday to school and for playing. These boots always keep my feet dry in the rain or just walking through puddles. My only problem is I have had these since October 2009 and since then I have lost all my traction and there is not much to them.

Upriver from Bellingham, WA

I bought these for normal everyday shoes. I have other boots I use for hiking but for light hikes these would be fine. I have one big complaint and one smaller, still developing, complaint. The smaller complaint is that the seam between the leather upper and the sole just beginning to open up a little bit, hopefully it doesn't get worse. My big complaint is that the traction of these shoes is horrible on even slightly wet hard surfaces. I've ended up on my butt twice in the last five months I've been wearing these. Normally I am very sure footed and cannot remember a time in the past 20 years I have slipped like this. It's very annoying.

Pat7281 from New England

This is my first pair of serious hiking boots and they are great. I wore them for my first hike last weekend and I had no problems at all. My feet felt great the entire hike and I had no soreness issues at the end of the day. They were great through water and snow and kept my feet warm in high winds.


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